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Call it "an extra-judicial corrections system", or call it "KKK for everyone."

But make no mistake about it: The fact that organized stalking, often augmented by invasive through-the-wall electronics, has become common, means the world's justice systems need to treat organized group stalking as seriously as they do stalking by single obsessed stalkers. When a group harasses a target, the results can be life-destroying.

ROAD TO FREEDOM is a no-longer-active webcast show about the decades long fight to expose and stop a steadily growing, but officially UNacknowledged crime called organized stalking.

This crime could be called modern day vigilantism because many of the community-level perpetrators are told their targets are criminals. (This is decidedly not the case, however.) Various other names are in use such as:

"group stalking"
"community stalking"
"cause stalking"
"multiple stalking"
"gang stalking"
"citizen gang stalking"
"vigilante stalking"
The full crime is called organized stalking and electronic harassment, and is commonly abbreviated as "OS/EH."

Organized stalking is fuelled by, and promotes, extremely vicious lies about the targets, and many participants genuinely believe they are heroes in the struggle to rid their neighbourhoods and the world of criminals and other "undesirables."

These "undesirables" are dictated by stalking group leaders, and are sometimes whistleblowers and activists who have revealed corporate or government crimes, and are sometimes individuals who have "ticked someone off."

It isn't certain exactly when and how this very well organized crime system got started, but those of us who are targeted see clearly that all levels of government, and most non-government social justice organizations, are very deliberately ignoring this group stalking activity.

Who benefits when stalking group activity runs rampant? Historically, those entities with greed for power and domination, and who yearn for totalitarian, fascist, Soviet-like control of the people.

Some of us know why we were "turned in" for this harassment, but we don't really know why such a large, expensive network of citizen harassers came about. We do know that as dictatorships are in the forming stage, local neighbourhood surveillance and harassment groups are set up. Once the dictatorship takes over, these local surveillance and harassment groups ensure that the dictator stays in power. This political motive seems to be one likely answer to the question of why so many resources are expended to keep these harassment groups in operation and expanding.

These current-day thugs are absolutely stellar in their ability to control and silence dissent by ruining every facet of the lives of their targets. But - today's thugs are indistinguishable from ordinary citizens. They are NOT youth gangs, bikers, or the Mafia.

Organized stalking "slide show"
Have a look at the original video of these stalkers.

When a target complains, the psychiatric system completes the job the thugs started by consistently diagnosing the citizen gang stalking target as mentally ill. The police help too, by denying that organized stalking by more than one stalker ever happens, even though crime statistics show clearly it does happen.

"Prophetically, an acquaintance coolly said to me, a year after I left the lab, 'You are in a police net you will never get out of ... for the rest of your life.' "

-- Leuren Moret, geoscientist, whistleblower, anti uranium munitions poisoning activist, target, formerly of Lawrence Livermore Lab

Here in the 21st century, organized stalking groups are aided by certain electronic technologies which can absolutely destroy the quality of life of the target, silently, through walls, leaving no trace evidence. Some such technologies have been available to anyone who wants to build or buy them for years, yet the public has not been told about even the oldest of these technologies. Again - who benefits? Possibly, those entities with greed for power and domination, and who yearn for totalitarian, fascist, Nazi- or Soviet-like control of the people.

This web site is set up to provide you, the listening public, with access to our recorded SHOWS about this crime wave. There are many sites which provide considerable detail about this issue, just a few of which are here. These sites in turn provide gateways to many more:

Disaster preparedness page

http://www.stopcovertwar.com/tee.html ... where you can purchase a 5.5 hour VHS tape of the historic rally of organized stalking/electronic harassment targets in Washington DC on October 6-7-8-9, 2005.

The CATCH web site is probably the best site for unware targets and members of the public to make as their first visit. (Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment)

A site worthy of special mention is that of Cheryl Welsh, who researches documentation about involuntary human experimentation and non-lethal weapons, government programs which many electronic harassment targets believe gave birth to the technology being used now to ruin their lives:


The term "mind justice" refers to the fact that the control and manipulation of the human mind figures prominently in classified non-lethal weapons research. Evidence from the MKULTRA era mind control experiments is that unethical scientists tend to want involuntary and unaware experiment subjects, which points to one of many possible explanations for the heavy electronic torture experienced by many organized stalking targets. Where experimentation is the purpose of the harassment and torture, one suspects that the human organized stalkers are used to force the experimentees to complain, and be seen by the community as mentally ill.

DO read about two stunning books by private investigator, author David Lawson, about his infiltration of some North American organized stalking groups.

Read also about Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, a review of this book by Eleanor White. Mobbing, which is the workplace version of organized stalking, has been accepted as a bona fide social occurrence with professional studies dating back to the mid-1980s. One goal of this show is to assist with the effort to get organized stalking similarly recognized, exposed, and stopped, and this book on mobbing can help significantly.

For a summary of some basic, unclassified (not secret) electronic weapon technologies which anyone with the cash can buy or build, click here.

For my suggestions on how police can set up a low cost investigation which is likely to eventually expose this criminal activity, click here.

** Apologies to Listeners **
November 21, 2007

I, Eleanor White, host of Road to Freedom, regret to report that since 2005, this show and podcasts have not been added to. This is due to a number of causes, not the least of which is that the level of disabling electronic harassment attacks has left me with almost no strength to do anything useful. Fortunately, the activism lead has since been picked up by this organization and it's members (some recorded interviews available there):

Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Only in the event of major progress in exposing organized stalking and electronic harassment will more items be added here.

We pray for the day when this decades-old crime epidemic can be safely discussed in public.

Eleanor White

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Here are clickable archive audio files of the shows themselves. At the bottom you'll find brief bios for the hosts. "S" shows are SPECIAL items - not regular Road to Freedom shows:


                         **  SHOWS  **

** NOTE:  Some shows may be temporarily unavailable during site
          maintenance, or, sabotage by organized stalkers.

          We apologize for the generally low quality of these
          recorded shows.  We have very little money, and when
          we get an improved piece of equipment, it is often
          sabotaged.  Even multiple pieces of the same model
          new equipment have been sabotaged.  This is because
          the perpetrators know that information as presented
          here will eventually lead to their exposure.

          Some of the shows contain 'static' and other types of
          interference.  The stalking perpetrators are very
          skilled at hacking and cause this.

          Please stay with these shows through periods of
          interference as there is valuable information to be
          learned from the portions not affected.

1:   Introduction to ROAD TO FREEDOM
     Re-recorded July 3, 2005:  Host Eleanor White presents an
     OVERVIEW of organized stalking, and its accompanying electronic
     weaponry, and the current state of efforts to expose and stop it.
     Transcript of show 1, courtesy Madelger

2:   Citizen/Vigilante Gang Stalking
     Re-recorded July 4, 2005:  We discuss the book
     Terrorist Stalking in America by David
     Lawson, who actually infiltrated citizen stalking groups in the
     United States and Canada.
     Transcript of show 2, courtesy Madelger

3:   Known Electronic Harassment Weapons
     Recorded June 20, 2005:  Electronic weapons which can destroy
     the lives of targets silently, through walls, and withOUT
     implants, are explained in this show.  It will surprise you
     how long these technologies have been available without the
     public having the slightest notion of their existence.
     Transcript of show 3, courtesy Madelger

4:   Interview with guest Patricia Mougey of Toledo, Ohio
     Recorded June 24, 2005:  Patricia Mougey has been a target of
     organized stalking since the 1950s.  Pat's case is unique
     in that she sees, in her closely spaced detached home
     neighborhood, more of the organized stalking operations than
     many targets.
     Transcript of show 4, courtesy Madelger


     Click here for Patricia Mougey's full story.

5:   COINTELPRO, close cousin to citizen gang stalking
     Recorded June 30, 2005:  COINTELPRO "was" a U.S. government
     program of organized harassment which was carried out in the
     1950s and 60s.  Shows that citizen gang stalking is very real,
     with plenty of established precedent.
     Transcript of show 5, courtesy Madelger

6:   Anecdotes from targets of citizen gang stalking
     Recorded July 1, 2005:  A collection of anecdotes taken from
     those posted on web sites by permission of those making the
     reports.  A small sampling of what life is like once you
     become a citizen gang stalking target.
     Transcript of show 6, courtesy Madelger

7:   Interview with citizen gang stalking target Sher
     Recorded July 19, 2005:  Note:  Interference from perpetrators
     in the beginning of this show only lasts a COUPLE OF MINUTES -
     the rest of the show is clear.  Apparently the perpetrators
     don't even want this very limited amateur effort at
     broadcasting available to the public.  So far, THREE brand
     new telephone recording adapters and one tape unit have been
     damaged or destroyed by the perpetrators, making it very
     difficult to have guests on.
     Transcript of show 7, courtesy Madelger

8:   Interview with secret society researcher Alan Watt
     Recorded July 22, 2005:  Alan Watt has been a researcher into
     history, religion, politics, and crime for years.  In
     particular, he specilizes in the involvement of secret
     societies in these arenas.  Secret society members tend to
     fill positions of high authority, hence, their crimes have
     far more impact on citizens than individual criminals.  Alan
     states that organized stalking and electronic harassment
     can be documented as originating from within the criminal
     elements of secret societies.
     Transcript of show 8, courtesy Madelger

     Hear many of Alan Watt's archived broadcasts at this site:


9:   Interview with activist Sueann Campbell.
     Recorded July 26, 2005:  Sueann has been active in educating
     the public in the greater Austin, Texas area for several
     years, and in this interview, shares some of her experiences
     and lessons learned.
     Transcript of show 9, courtesy Madelger

10:  Conference call interview with Kelly Taylor.
     Recorded July 30, 2005:  One activism initiative undertaken
     by targets is to host regular conference calls which are open
     to organized stalking and electronic harassment targets.
     Some of these conference calls include presentations by
     targets or by people who have an interest in the fight to
     expose and stop OS/EH.  A presentation by Utah activist
     Kelly Taylor is posted here.  Apologies for the rough
     quality of some of the audio - we operate on low cost
     equipment, and the OS/EH harassers degrade the sound
     quality as well.

11:  Sueann Campbell and Eleanor report target anecdotes..
     Recorded August 6, 2005:  Some targets of organized stalking
     have allowed portions of their personal stories to be posted
     for public view.  Sueann Campbell and Eleanor White read and
     discuss these anecdotes and add their own comments.
     Transcript of show 11, courtesy Madelger
12:  Sueann and Eleanor interview Kathy Heckman.
     Recorded August 27, 2005:  Kathy Heckman has been targeted since
     1994 with very heavy "broadcasts", her term for voice to skull
     transmissions by electronic harasment perpetrators.  Kathy is
     an example of ordinary, very nice people who suddenly find their
     lives invaded by invisible electronics, while government "pulls
     rank", and uses their power to silence targets of this hi-tech
     nightmare through denial.

13: Sueann and Eleanor interview Claudine. Recorded September 10, 2005: Claudine is now a seniour citizen who has undergone numerous involuntary surgical and hypnotic experiments throughout her life. Her own mother participted in early experiments. She has clearly visible scars and implants as a result. Claudine's story should remind you, listener, that what we are discussing here is very real, massive crime by government and major institutions, and is far more than simply local groups of "police wannabes" having fun at the expense of citizens. She was being harassed even as we conducted the interview. Commercial: Janet Leih 14: Sueann and Eleanor on experimentation. Recorded September 17, 2005: Sueann Campbell and Eleanor White discuss some of the experiments performed to date in an attempt to detect and/or stop the advanced electronic mind/body harassment signals. During this show, we spoke about the mechanical vibrations which are used to harass citizen gang stalking/electronic harassment targets. Very interestingly, listen to the end-of-show music - the perps were shaking the tape machine at that time, causing noticeably wobbly sound. Commercial: Janet Leih Transcript of show 14, courtesy Madelger 15: Psychiatry vs. the VS/EH target. Recorded September 25, 2005: Sueann Campbell and Eleanor White present the issue of psychiatry versus the organized stalking and electronic harassment target. Commercial: Carol Rutz 16: Audio tour of the CATCH web site. Recorded October 2, 2005: The CATCH, or "Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment" organization (was) located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. CATCH was organized in 2004 by Norma Cross, and is the first OS/EH organization to be backed by a mainstream social service organization, in this case, the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. We will present "audio tours" of other web sites as well, for busy folks who don't have time to read our material in detail. NOTE: CATCH web site has changed to http://www.catchcanada.net Commercial: Carol Rutz 17: "Travelling Torture Chamber: Microwave Harassment". Recorded October 17, 2005: Eleanor White reads the article titled "Travelling Torture Chamber: Microwave Harassment" by Regina Cullen. Ms. Cullen is a British target of citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment. Transcript of show 17, courtesy Madelger 18: Cheryl Welsh and her Mind Justice Organization. Recorded November 2, 2005: Eleanor White reads excerpts from the 2003 "Summary of Evidence" by United Nations non-lethal weapons expert Cheryl Welsh. Cheryl and her web site are the nucleus of her organization named "Mind Justice." Cheryl's specialty is exposing "mind control", an extremely invasive part of electronic harassment. Cheryl's posted information is among the best, if not the best documented available. Commercial: Janet Leih 19: Author William H. Kennedy on Satanic crime. Recorded November 14, 2005: Eleanor White interviews author William H. Kennedy, who has extensively researched Satanic crime. Not only do some organized stalking targets receive Satanic threats, but clearly, organized stalking's tactics and goals almost perfectly mirror those of Satanists. At higher levels of the organized stalking organization, Satanic beliefs are very likely one of the major driving forces of these criminals. Listeners who become aware of Satanism are much more likely to see the truth in our reports of organized stalking. Transcript of show 19, courtesy Madelger http://www.williamhkennedy.com http://www.sphinxradio.com 20: Excerpts from Judy Wall's article: "Synthetic Telepathy". Recorded November 22, 2005: Eleanor White reads excerpts of the article "Synthetic Telepathy" by writer Judy Wall. "Synthetic telepathy" is another name for "voice to skull" technology. Judy Wall published a newsletter "Resonance" as her part of the MENSA bio-electromagnetic special interest group. Judy has been extremely helpful in putting our activism efforts on to a solid scientific footing. Search her name, "Judy Wall" and the name Resonance on the web to learn more. Commercial: Kathleen Sullivan 21: Eleanor White describes "Patriot broadcasting". Recorded December 2, 2005: Eleanor White listens extensively to the shortwave/webcast/AM/FM Patriot Movement radio shows, and explains what these broadcasts are about. Organized stalking and electronic harassment issues are sometimes broadcast, and the government, medical and corporate crimes revealed with top grade supporting testimony and evidence will hopefully improve the chances that organized stalking and electronic harassment will be exposed, once the public realizes how much official crime has gone on for decades, kept secret. 22: The StopCovertWar.com web site with Sueann Campbell. Recorded December 10, 2005: Sueann Campbell relates excerpts from her web site StopCovertWar.com and comments on what led her to create the site. Sueann also explains why she takes part in general political activism, and reports on some of the calls to her hot line. Commercial: Sueann Campbell 23: News from the anti-VS/EH war front lines. Recorded December 13, 2005: Eleanor White presents news items from targets of citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment and the activists among our group. Transcript of show 23, courtesy Madelger Commercial: Kathleen Sullivan 24: Carol Rutz' book "A Nation Betrayed". Recorded December 19, 2005: Eleanor White reads excerpts from MKULTRA-era survivor Carol Rutz' well-researhced book "A Nation Betrayed." Carol's first person experiences and her extensive research into her torturers combine to make it plain that the post-World War II United States committed terrible atrocities against young children. That in turn shows plainly that when citizen gang stalking targets complain of corrupt governments allowing the CGS/EH crimes to continue, this is NOT inconsistent with other government-allowed atrocities. Carol Rutz, at the time of her torture 25: Jim Marrs' book "Rule By Secrecy". Recorded January 2, 2006: Eleanor White reads excerpts from political and secret society researcher Jim Marrs' book "Rule by Secrecy". This book illustrates how government can become sufficiently corrupt that providing cover or even participating in citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment is not out of the question. Hopefully, listeners unaware of how shadow government works will see that our claims are not beyond reason when compared with historical and current government structure. Transcript of show 25, courtesy Madelger 26: Electronic tracking/control implants. Recorded January 8, 2006: Articles and information about the sometimes used electronic neuro implants, which can have very legitimate purposes, but can also be used to make a target's life an inescapable Hell. Implants are not needed for remote electronic torture, but several proven cases show that there are criminal groups who do use them. Commercial: Kathleen Sullivan 27: North American Freedom Foundation with Kathleen Sullivan. Recorded January 9, 2006: MKULTRA-era survivor Kathleen Sullivan, who helped found the North American Freedom Foundation, describes her work attempting to expose and stop Satanic ritual abuse, commercial sex trafficking in children and other human rights abuses being covered up by government, business, medicine and science.
Kathleen Sullivan with her memorial garden for abuse victims 28: Book: "Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace" Recorded January 25, 2006: Eleanor White reads from her review of the book "Mobbing", the workplace counterpart of citizen gang gang stalking in the community (and often part of it.) This book is handy for activists to show the public that intensive stalking by groups really does happen, something many prefer to deny. Commercial: Janet Leih 29: Book: "BLUEBIRD" by Dr. Colin Ross Recorded January 30, 2006: Eleanor White reads Norma Cross's review of the book "BLUEBIRD" by Dallas, Texas psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross. Dr. Ross, in this book, has revealed many of the crimes of his own psychiatrist colleagues during the BLUEBIRD, MKULTRA, ARTICHOKE, and MKSEARCH mind control programs overseen by the CIA. Commercial: Janet Leih 30: Satanic ritual abuse update with William H. Kennedy Recorded February 23, 2006: Author and researcher of Satanic and ritual abuse crimes William H. Kennedy updates us on news in that arena. SRA crimes are highly relevant to VS/EH, as our MKULTRA survivor colleagues were often ritually abused to force multiple, controllable personalities. Also, listeners who are kept aware of these highly covered up crimes are much more likely to grasp the reality of citizen group stalking as well. Transcript of show 30, courtesy Madelger 31: Anecdotes from targets Recorded March 11, 2006: Eleanor White reports anecdotes from the lives of targets of citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment. Actual phrases of the type used by perpetrators using voice to skull harassment are included. Commercial: Kathleen Sullivan 32: How one target got the harassment stopped Recorded March 20, 2006: Eleanor White and Sueann Campbell report the story of how one target was able to get her harassment essentially stopped. This was done by careful investigation by the target which led to her learning exactly what got her harassment started in the first place. Significant, because this story shows that there was NO mental illness involved, as many unaware observers wrongly assume. Commercial: Janet Leih Transcript of show 32, courtesy of Madelger 33: Author William H. Kennedy, book: "Lucifer's Lodge" Recorded March 20, 2006: Author William Kennedy shares from his book "Lucifer's Lodge" about Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) within the Roman Catholic church. Because "false memory syndrome" is reported on within the book, Eleanor White makes a statement intended to provide the anti false memory syndrome point of view, shared by sexual, Satanic, and MKULTRA era abuse survivors and their supporters. Basically, "false memory syndrome" is FAR from scientifically proven. Transcript of show 33, courtesy Madelger 34: OS/EH target Rosemary tells her story. Recorded June 22, 2006: Organized stalking/electronic harassment target Rosemary tells the story of her 9-year experiences. Rosemary's story includes anecdotes illustrating the "strange people", some of whom are downright scary (or trying to be) which an organized stalking target is faced with. These "strange people" can make threats which would ordinarily bring heavy police attention and the support of neighbours, but in the OS/EH target's life, these vicious threats are ignored by everyone. Transcript of show 34, courtesy Madelger 35: Eleanor White with news at mid-July 2006. Recorded July 14, 2006: Eleanor White explains lack of new shows recently, and reports news for the first half of 2006. This includes our attempts to get serious attention of members of the U.S. Congress, and selected anecdotes from targets. Transcript of show 35, courtesy Madelger ** HEY FOLKS, KEEP SCROLLING DOWN. There is some very interesting information to be found in the "special items" below: ====================================================================== ** SPECIAL ITEMS ** S1: Dr. Leroy Gillam, Cincinnati, Ohio Recorded July 30, 2005. This is a short audio clip from a Cincinnati community TV program on which Rev. Leroy Gillam, a Texas pastor who has begun to include the fight against citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment in his ministry, talks about it on the show. Eastern conference call host Derrick Robinson is working on a more complete version and we will be linking to that later. S2: Leuren Moret, with host Dr. Alfred Webre Recorded August 8, 2005. Show title "Brown Bagger", being a noontime show in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally broadcast on Vancover, British Columbia, Canada's station CFRO, 102.7, from their site: http://www.coopradio.org A show ostensibly on "mind control" and electromagnetic "weapons of political control", but which includes citizen gang stalking activity. Leuren Moret (geoscientist and well known 'depleted' uranium activist) and Dr. Alfred Webre (lawyer and former Carter administration staffer) disclose very specific details of the world wide organization behind citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment. Check out this excerpt from Leuren Moret's book, "Uncovering the Truth About Depleted Uranium". S3: Eleanor White with host Dr. Alfred Webre Originally broadcast on Vancover, British Columbia, Canada's station CFRO, 102.7, from their site: http://www.coopradio.org In this show, titled "Brown Bagger", broadcast on September 12, 2005, Eleanor White explains the basic electronic harassment weapons which undeniably exist, and which can be had by anyone with the cash. These weapons are silent, require NO implants, and work through walls. Alfred Webre finished out the hour with information about HAARP. S4: Richard Syrett show, Eleanor White as guest Recorded September 16, 2005: Eleanor White appears on the Richard Syrett show, on 640 AM Toronto (Ontario.) Topic is citien gang stalking and electronic harassment. S5: Report on Washington DC rally by Norma Cross Recorded October 15, 2005: Eleanor White reads the report sent to citizen gang stalking/electronic harassment targets about the meetings with U.S. senators and their staff members Oct. 6-7, and the larger rally/meeting on October 8, 2005, organized with help of southern Baptist minister Dr. Leroy Gillam. Further bulletins about this ongoing lobbying effort will be posted as they become available. S6: Gang stalkers? Recorded August 16, 2005: Are these gang stalkers? I, Eleanor White believe they are, however, I can't prove it in court at this time. May require Apple's "Quick Time" media player, but do try other players as well. The full link for copying and pasting direct into a player is: http://www.multistalkervictims.org/gs_video/gangstalking.mp4 For slides from the video for activism purposes, click here. S7: Mind control - U.S. government hearings and testimonials from victims. Circa 1997 - These video segments formed a video "letter" sent by ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experiment Survivors - Mind Control) to President Clinton and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Mind control was the subject of the CIA MKULTRA involuntary human experiment and child torture programs and continues to be a part of current day citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment. Two MKULTRA torture subjects and one therapist testify, followed by other victims and professionals: Therapist Valerie Wolf Survivor Chris De Nicola Survivor Claudia Mullen Video letter - segment 1 Video letter - segment 2 Video letter - segment 3 These segments are helpful to realize the long, sordid history of United States torture of its own citizens, post WW II. This in turn shows that today's citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment has deep historic roots, and is not some recent criminal "fad." S8: Mr. Jesus Mendoza-Maldonado demonstrates electronic harassment from his home in Mission, Texas. Mr. Mendoza took the U.S. Attorney General (Ashcroft) to court, where the government admitted to having him under surveillance, but would not discuss Mendoza's charges of electronic harassment. March 2003. Google "Jesus Mendoza" for more information. S9: Audio segment from The Power Hour, on which Jesus Mendoza played a recording of his children crying from being targeted by electronic harassment. March 2003. Google "Jesus Mendoza" for more information. S10: WMV: "Crowd-your-space" stalking crew setting up MP4: "Crowd-your-space" stalking crew setting up A 5-min video showing a "crowd-your-space" crew setting up at a street corner, waiting to crowd a target who, instead of driving off, sat in her car with a tiny camcorder and caught the action. Crowd-your-space skits may seem benign, but when you get them every day for years or decades, it does add to your stress level. S11: WMV: CATCH-OCRCC Preesntation Oct. 20, 2005 CATCH is Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment, founded and directed by Norma Cross of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Norma was invited to give this presentation to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centers, OCRCC. S12: "Feedback" show, KBYG, Part 1 "Feedback" show, KBYG, Part 2 Recorded November 18, 2005, on A.J. Weaver's "Feedback" show on radio station KBYG, AM 1400, in Big Spring, Texas. Eleanor White is the guest explaining both citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment. Interesting testimony by a local property owner about an electronic harassment incident in Big Spring. S13: Eleanor White, click Investigative Journal Archives Recorded January 13, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Greg Szyzmanski's "Investigative Journal" radio show. Eleanor White discusses electronic harassment and citizen gang stalking issues starting in the SECOND half hour of part 1, and continuing through all of part 2. Greg's interest in OS/EH is greatly appreciated! S14: Targets' conference call w/author Gloria Naylor Recorded January 14, 2006: A weekly conference call, hosted by Derrick Robinson, with special guest, novelist Gloria Naylor, whose book "1996" has just appeared on the market, and can be purchased at: http://www.thirdworldpressinc.com http://www.amazon.com "1996" is partly Gloria Naylor's story of her ten years as a target of gang stalking and electronic harassment, and partly a novel, as she skilfully portrays a plausible scenario based on a (likely) assumption that a government agency is overseeing her targeting. Doubts? Click on shows #5, #24, and #27 above, and learn about government programs COINTELPRO and MKULTRA. Review of the book. To me, [Eleanor White,] Gloria Naylor's book "1996" is a PRICELESS GIFT to the cause of truth, freedom and justice!
S15: Sound track: Interview with three targets Recorded summer 2005, community TV station, Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the audio portion of the video program, "Stories Of Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment". It was produced in Cincinnati, Ohio at Media Bridges, the local public access studio. The participants are: Gordon Ormand, Robert Butler, and Suzanne LeBoeuf who are targeted individuals; and Dr. Leroy Gillam, a civil rights activist. Targeted activist Derrick Robinson is the show's producer. To view the original video: Slow speed modem version High speed version S16: "Divided Kingdom" show, RBN, March 17, 2006, "Camps" "Divided Kingdom" is a U.S. Patriot broadcast, this show was hosted by Elizabeth Border, and featured guest, Al Cuppett, who is billed as a military veteran, formerly stationed at the Pentagon. The topic is the repeatedly reported U.S. detention camps, and the repeatedly seen guillotines. ** I, ELEANOR WHITE, CANNOT ATTEST TO THE TRUTH OF THESE REPORTS. I do think that given the growing crimes of stalking and covert electronic torture of large numbers of citizens, concentration camps and mass executions are not entirely out of the question. If there is even partial truth to these reports, the world needs to know about them. If there is even partial truth to these reports, our reports of citizen stalking gangs and advanced electronic harassment are not unreasonable either. Original show archive (click March 17, 2006) S17: Beth from San Diego, click Investigative Journal archives Original show March 27, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Citizen gang stalking/electronic harassment target Beth from San Diego tells her story on Greg Szyzmanski's Patriot show "Investigative Journal". Beth has been able to convince a number of seniour scientists, engineers, and law enforcement officials of the reality of her harassment. By pushing back so hard, Beth actually drew a threat from a local ATF agent, and has been physically assaulted by one law enforcement officer. S18: Norma Cross, click Investigative Journal archives Original show on April 3, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. CATCHdirector Norma Cross appears in the second half of the hour. A target identifying himself as "Jim" begins the hour. S19: Julianne McKinney, click on Investigative Journal archives Original show on April 19, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Julianne McKinney, former U.S. Army intelligence officer and long time anti electronic harassment and organized stalking activist is interviewed. Activist Beth from San Diego appears in the last half hour. Hour 1 backup copy if arcticbeacon.com links broken Hour 2 backup copy if arcticbeacon.com links broken S20: Singer/composer Kuango, click Investigative Journal archives Original show on April 26, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Singer, composer and Truth (Patriot) Movement activist Kuango, who is a target of organized stalking and electronic harassment tells her story. Her song "T.I.", Targeted Individual, was played. What's amazing is that once she posted her song for Internet listening, it went right to the top of one Internet music chart with no promotion whatsoever. Is it possible the public is finally "getting it?" Kuango's web site Site to listen to Kuango's songs, the two relevant titles are "T.I." and "Bang Bang Bang Bang" Backup copy if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S21: Novelist Gloria Naylor, click Investigative Journal archives Original show on May 3, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Noted novelist Gloria Naylor is interviewed by Greg Szyzmanski, and provides details to her story not mentioned in her book "1996", about her experiences as an organized stalking and electronic harassment target. Backup copy if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S22: Gloria Naylor, Anne Earl, click Investigative Journal archive Original show on May 3, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Second part of Gloria Naylor interview, then psychiatric social worker Anne Earl describes her research into not only organized stalking and electronic harassemt (she is a target) but also the MKULTRA crimes which played a major part in establishing the huge, covert organized stalking/electronic harassment organization now operating world wide as a political "extra judicial justice system", like those in all dictatorships. Backup copy if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S23: Target Jesus Mendoza, click Investigative Journal archive Original show on May 11, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Organized stalking/electronic harassment target Jesus Mendoza of Mission, Texas is somewhat unique in that his targeting started when he blew the whistle on unfair treatment of minority law school students shortly before he was due to graduate. Jesus has petitioned federal court about the resulting harassment of himself, his family and children, and parents. He secured what a fair minded legal observer would accept as a confession that the government of the United State has him under "surveillance." The ACTIVE variety of surveillance includes harassment, severe health destroying electronic harassment in the case of the Mendoza family. ** The Mendoza interview starts half an hour into the two-hour show. Backup copy, hour 1, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken Backup copy, hour 2, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S24: Dr. Reinhard Munzert, click Investigative Journal archive Original show on May 17, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Dr. Reinhard Munzert, from Germany, describes his research into microwave anti-personnel weapons and organized stalking. He had been a target for 5 years at the time of this broadcast. Dr. Munzert's web site is: http://www.mikrowellenterror.de Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S25: Activist Gordon Ormand, click Investigative Journal archive Original show on May 17, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Gordon Ormand is an anti-organized stalking/electronic harassment activist, who is part of a group who are focussing on petitioning the United States Congress to revise laws and impose controls on the manufacture, sale, possession and use of electronic weapons which can be used to attack people silently, through walls, as is being done to the OS/EH target community. Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S26: Target Ramona Lopez, click Investigative Journal archive Original snow on March 3, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Ramona Lopez has been an activist fighting abuse of children and youth for a number of years. Her activism caused her to become an organized stalking/electronic harassment target with exceptional pain and with a heavy campaign of lies which has stripped her and her family of all former levels of support. Her case points out the exceptionally evil motivation of the covert groups responsible. Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S27: UPDATE: Target Ramona Lopez, click Investigative Journal archive Original segment on May 19, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Ramona Lopez updates her case on Investigative Journal, hosted by heroic journalist Greg Szyzmanski. Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S28: Target Dave Case, click Investigative Journal archive Original segment on June 23, 2006 Republic Broadcasting Network. Dave Case is a Missouri-based electrical engineer and inventor, who believes his targeting began when he tried to patent an improved computer mass storage device already in use by the U.S. military but not publicly known. He also claims he has tapes of a tone combination which will defeat the Lowery "Silent Sound" form of hypnosis, U.S. patent 5,159,703, and is making his tapes available to targets of this technology. Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken S29: Eleanor White on Greg Szyzmanski's Investigative Journal Original appearance on September 13, 2006. Greg asks Eleanor to focus on the proven to exist through-the-wall weapons which can produce the effects organized stalking/electronic harassment targets experience. This followed the published remarks by the Secretary of the U.S. Air Force saying non-lethal weapons should be used on U.S. citizens before being deployed elsewhere. S30: Advanced electronic weapons used in Iraq This is a LOW SPEED version of the original, which is available at either of these links (September 2006): http://www.rainews24.it/ran24/inchieste/guerre_stellari_iraq.asp http://www.videos.informationclearinghouse.info/guerre_stellari_english.wmv This video shows plainly that advanced electronic weapons exist and have reached the military field use stage, while government spokespeople continue to deny they could possibly be used on citizens. S31: Dr. Nick Begich on RBN - Electronic weapons hour 1 Dr. Nick Begich on RBN - Electronic weapons hour 2 Originally recorded on Saturday, October 14, 2006, on Dr. Begich's own Republic Broadcasting show, "Changing The Way We See the World". Dr. Begich discusses his research into technology which can affect the human mind and body. S32: Dr. Nick Begich with Dr. Bill Deagle - RBN - hour 1 Dr. Nick Begich with Dr. Bill Deagle - RBN - hour 2 Originally recorded on Friday, November 3, 2006, on Dr. Bill Deagle's Republic Broadcasting show "The Nutrimedical Show" Dr. Bill Deagle, MD and PhD (molecular biology) is entirely aware of the current world wide crime wave of organized stalking and electronic harassment, having spent a career as a civilian doctor in the U.S. military and defence establishment. Particularly in the second hour, Dr. Begich, along with Dr. Deagle, emphasizes the risks of allowing electronic mind/body altering technology to continue without public oversight. S33: Dr. Nick Begich on the Alex Jones show - hour 1 Pastor Butch Paugh on the Alex Jones show - hour 2 Originally recorded Wednesday, December 6, 2006, on the Genesis Communications Alex Jones show. This was a major landmark for the very popular Patriot broadcaster Alex Jones, who has many mainstream commercial AM-FM affiliate stations, and appears on local TV in his home city of Austin, Texas. Until this appearance by Dr. Nick Begich, Alex would only acknowledge, briefly, that anti-mind/body weapons and organized stalking exist, but because these crimes are not published via mainstream sources, Alex has been unwilling to devote show time to them. With Dr. Begich's appearance, Alex has entered this arena. Equally noteworthy is the solid support for anti-OS/EH activism by Alex's second hour guest, Pastor Butch Paugh of West Virginia. The word is getting out! S34: Target Sheila Epstein on Greg Szyzmanski - click GCN archives. Originally recorded on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 on Greg Szyzmanski's show "Investigative Journal". Sheila's story is a bit different from many current-day targets in that her torment started as an MKULTRA victim. At the end of this show, Sheila differentiates between her government experimentee experience, and the large majority of us who were simply chosen off the street for non-stop harassment and through-wall electronic torture for the rest of our lives. Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken - hour 1 Backup copy, if arcticbeacon.com show link is broken - hour 2 S35: Video (Windows Media high speed) commemorating October 21, 2006, promoted by an activist group of targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment as "World Day To End The Silent Holocaust". S36: Reporter Bill Bean on the Alex Jones show - part 1 Reporter Bill Bean on the Alex Jones show - part 2 Originally recorded December 18, 2006. Reporter Bill Bean, on a routine assignment to a U.S. Army base where explosive demolition training is given to troops, accidentally filmed Timoth McVeigh more than a year AFTER McVeigh was officially discharged. This exposed a major lie by government officials about the alleged lone perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh was in uniform after being discharged. On an explosive demolition training base. This unintentional expose earned reporter Bean the exact same heavy harassment which is experienced by targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment, and that is one reason why this item is posted. Another reason is, during this show, Alex Jones speaks of investigating "similar harassment cases" and having detailed information relating to perpetrators. We in the organized stalking/electronic harassment target community hope that Alex will broadcast more information on this crime. S37: Robert Duncan on Coast to Coast AM, Dec. 5, 2006 Originally recorded overnight Dec. 5-6, 2006. Robert Duncan Claims to have a PhD, and claims to have worked in fields related to artificial intelligence and to have worked on U.S. government projects. In this appearance, Robert discusses electronic harassment and in particular, that section of electronic harassment called "mind control." Unfortunately, two other targets independently have been unable to verify Robert Duncan's PhD credentials. Also unfortunately, Robert Duncan has disparaged those who have been subject to organized stalking as "delusional." I am keeping this appearance by Robert posted here at the moment simply for historical interest, but I urge CAUTION for organized stalking/electronic harassment targets who may be considering using his material for activism. S38: U.S. Patriot Alex Jones, Hour 3, January 3, 2007 U.S. Patriot broadcaster Alex Jones presents the COMMUNITY LEVEL face of the New World Order, told by some NWO victims themselves. Please listen to this one hour excerpt - the NWO victims can tell the story far better than I (Eleanor White) am able. The point of this posting relative to organized stalking and electronic harassment is to show powerfully how criminal the authorities have become, under a "sheen" of apparent normalcy. When you hear us talk about organized stalking and electronic harassment, please keep these very real crimes in mind. S39: Richard Syrett show, February 20, 2007 Four targets describe different aspects of electronic harassment (sometimes called "mind control") and organized stalking, on mainstream radio station CFRB, 1010 AM, Toronto, Ontario Canada. S40: Three targets, CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo BC Canada Excellent interview! Hosted November 28, 2007 by Raymond Geisler. In-studio interview with 2 targeted individuals, David Smith and Debbie Newhook. Targets are people under surveillance, and could be suffering from various electronic torture procedures, and/or being stalked by organized stalking groups. The guests requested that the host play as an introduction to tonights complex topic, (one that gets near zero media coverage), part of a radio interview with another TI, Julianne McKinney, on Greg Szyzmanski's radio show from April 2006, http://www.arcticbeacon.com Alternate archive link: http://www.archive.org/details/UnboughtAndUnbossed45Nov2807 Station link: http://www.chly.ca Raymond Geisler's web site: S41: Dr. Carley show, hour 1 Dr. Carley show, hour 2 Broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network, January 17, 2009. Truth warrior Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD, on her weekly show titled "What's Ailing America," Interviews Eleanor White and Debbie Newhook, both Canadians, about organized stalking and electronic harassment. ====================================================================== ** COMMERCIALS ** Recorded commercials are posted in this section, so that if anyone wants to refer back to a commercial, they don't need to search through the shows, which would be time consuming. Hear Janet Leih's commercial WHEN MEDICINE FAILED, a book by Janet Leih. $15.00 to Janet Leih, P. O. Box 164, Canton, SD 57013-0164 or call 605-987-5070 for more information. Be sure to leave a message if I don't answer. http://www.janetleih.com Review Hear Carol Rutz's commercial A NATION BETRAYED, a book by MKULTRA-era child torture survivor Carol Rutz, has been used on the picket site by Eleanor White to immediately silence hecklers and naysayers. It is a potent weapon on the side of truth. As one target said, "The truth has a magic all it's own." This book tells about the full horrors the MKULTRA-era children survived in great detail. I recommend carrying one when you targets feel you will be in conversation with hostile public officials and family members. http://my.dmci.net/0casey Review Hear Kathleen Sullivan's commercial UNSHACKLED is a book by Kathleen Sullivan, a survivor of MKULTRA-era child torture. This torture included sexual abuse and was designed to force (successfully) Kathleen to develop multiple personalities. Multiple personalities are used to program a victim to commit crimes, spy and keep secrets, and become a sex slave for people in high places. If you care about restoring personal freedom, this book provides one of the very most important places to start - covert government mind control torture and crime. http://www.kathleen-sullivan.com, for reviews and purchase North American Freedom Foundation, where Kathleen is the founder and director Eleanor White's "Investigative Journal" commercial #1 Eleanor White's "Investigative Journal" commercial #2 Journalist and broadcaster Greg Szyzmanski offers low cost one minute spot commercials for patriotic causes on his show "Investigative Journal", broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Greg's web site RBN's web site ====================================================================== ** MUSIC ** Songs by Kuango, "T.I." or "targeted individual", and "Bang Bang Bang Bang", songs composed and sung by target and artist Kuango - her protest of the crushing of freedom in the United States by organized stalking gangs using electronic harassment, approved of and covered up by government. http://www.stopdewnit.org, Kuango's web site. "DEW" stands for "directed energy weapons" which do the electronic harassment. ======================================================================

About Eleanor White ...

Eleanor White is a 66 year old retired engineer, who has been targeted since 1980 by electronically assisted citizen gang stalkers. She has been working as an activist to expose and stop these crimes since 1996. Eleanor was born in the United States, served in the U.S. military forces and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Eleanor has also been a ham radio operator since age 12, now holding call letters VE3LKE.

Eleanor can be contacted by email but PLEASE NOTE: Eleanor is under particularly heavy electronic fatigue attacks and is not able to answer all emails. She can only answer perhaps one in ten at the current level of email traffic, which exceeds a hundred emails a day. If you would like to email Eleanor you can try at this address:

ewraven1( )sympatico.ca

About Sueann Campbell ...

Sueann Campbell is a retired electronic technician who has been targeted for many years. She began working as an activist to expose citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment in 2000.

Sueann is very active in the Austin, Texas area on a wide range of causes, participants in all of which are working towards the return of the United States to Constitutional rule of, by, and for the people, something which has been severely eroded by corrupt voting, judicial and legislative practices, particularly since the 9/11 attacks.

Sueann runs a telephone hot line at this number:


She is unable to make it a toll free number, but those wishing to call can take advantage of the very low long distance rates either by way of convenience store long distance cards or the 1010 dial services. The "Ci Ci" long distance card works well.

packrat607( )yahoo.com

About donations ...

ROAD TO FREEDOM is essentially inactive. Therefore donations are not solicited. Special thanks to those donors who enabled the show to start up and create an information base that will continue to be current and useful until these crimes are finally exposed and stopped.

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